A call out to Graphics Designers (not game graphics).

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A call out to Graphics Designers (not game graphics).

Post by thedevilsjester on Mon Jul 07 2008, 17:47

RPGds r12 will have a whole new visual look, and as such I want to implement a whole new splash screen.

If you dont know what a splash screen is, its the "picture" that is displayed for a few seconds while an app initially loads.

I have an older splash screen from back in the day, but I want to compliment the new look with a new splash screen.

To this end, I am opening up a "contest" for a better splash screen. The only reward will be seeing your splash screen every time RPGds starts, and having your name in the credits. There will be no voting, I will choose the one I like the best (and possibly post the runner ups on my forums).

Email me your entries at thedevilsjester@gmail.com

The existing splash screen is 534x329, so try and keep it that size or smaller (not too much smaller).

Also, as anyone can tell you, I am very picky, I will not settle on a "so so one", if I dont like any of them better then the old RPGds splash screen, then I will just use what we have already.

The splash screen should of course hint at the type of application it is, and have the RPGds name, preferably the whole name "RPG Development Studio". All works must be original creations.
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Re: A call out to Graphics Designers (not game graphics).

Post by Lonewolf on Mon Jul 07 2008, 22:50

hey i just sent u a pic


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