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Populous The Beginning | Undiscovered worlds

Post by Dojan5 on Fri Sep 12 2008, 07:02

Yet another old game, I think it is from '99. (Edit: it was from '98, though it has pretty good graphics for a game of that age, plus it is in 3D)
Populous, The Beginning. was the game which made me like RTS games.
Before that it was all about platform games.

You begin with a Shaman and a few Braves (Citizens in "Age of" games).
The Shaman will be reincarnated each time she is killed, if she has population left (I suspect it is about buildings too).
As said you start off with the Shaman and a few Braves on a small island with two houses and a Stone head; the stone head is a object you can worship to gain spells, in this case the Landbridge spell.
To be able to cast spells you need the Shaman to be alive, the only exception is the last level, The Beginning.
From the first level you encounter the landbridge spell, the fireball spell and the lightning bolt spell, neither of these are "really strong" but they do their work.
In addition to the house and the training camp there are a few more houses, these include the "Firewarrior training hut" a guard tower and a balloon hut, there are more buildings but I'm too lazy to go through them
Not only are there braves and warriors, there are spies firewarriors preachers and probably some other which I have missed.
In the end, you reach the goal you have been struggling to get to, you become a god.
The game itself is quite difficult at times, I had some problems, but they where easily to overcome by changing tactics.

The Expansion pack, with QUITE a long title is called "Populous The Beginning Undiscovered worlds" and, to put this mildly, it SUCKS!
It adds 12 levels to the game, separately. Has no further sequences, it actually uses the sequence from when you have cleared then 24th level of "The Beginning" as the opening sequence.
But, you can actually choose which of the 12 levels you want to play, and there is no need of unlocking the different levels through a planetary view as in the game without the expansion.

Overall it is a very good plot, the graphics are OK, and it has a good replaying value (Infact I have cleared the game 6 times, one time using cheats).


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Re: Populous The Beginning | Undiscovered worlds

Post by Hiko on Fri Sep 12 2008, 16:55

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