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Default Browser?

Post by Lara on Fri Apr 02 2010, 09:23

Is there any way does anyone know of making Runecats my default browser in XP? I've tried going into "set programme access and defaults > custom > default Web browser" etc, but whilst it lists Maxthon and IE, Runecats is never listed. Is there anywhere else I can go to reset the default browser? It's just that it annoys me when I link up to a url in my email or something and it loads a browser I'm not actively using at present.
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Re: Default Browser?

Post by Support on Sun Apr 04 2010, 05:46

I will try and fix this for 1.7 however no promises.

It should have done it automatically with 1.6 pro but as it didn't try this as a temporary work around:

Go to My Documents
Go to the View menu.
Select Folder Options.
Click on the File Types tab.
Wait for the list to appear, it may take a while.

Then click on the first item in the list.
Use your down button to go down the list, checking each file type.
When you find one that Opens With your normal browser (eg, Internet Explorer):
- Click on the Change button.
- Either click Runecats Explorer if it is in the list, or
- Click on the Browse button, find the Runecats Explorer exe file, and select it.
- Before you click OK for changing the program, make sure the checkbox for "Always use the selected program fto open this kind of file" has a cross in it.
Then click OK
Then scroll down to the next file type, follow the instructions above, until you have scroll down all of the file types.


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